Beware! Tax refund scams up 400% in 2016

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WASHINGTON, DC-- It's tax time again which means it's scam time again. You know once you file your taxes, you can't wait for that refund. But the scammers want your refund, too. In fact, email and texting scams have increased 400% since the beginning of the year, according to the IRS (and they should know).

There are a few different scams going around, so pay attention! The first one will pop up in your email or by text. It will look like it's from Turbo Tax, and it asks you to "update your account" before you receive your tax return. When you click a link, it asks for your social security number, filing status and other personal info.

"Clicking a link or opening an attachment could download malicious software onto your computer," explains an agent of the IRS in one of their online videos. "That could allow the sender to access your passwords, bank information and other things on your computer. And then they can steal your identity or your money!"

Muy malo malware!

Then there's the phone scam. You get a call from either a robot or a real person telling you the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. Then they give you a number to call to pay the bill. Don't be fooled!! The IRS does not call you about tax debts you owe without first mailing you an official notice through the good ole U.S. mail.  Glad to hear somebody's still using it.

This time of year, when tax refunds are coming, we all feel like ballers. But make sure you're on the ball, or some scammer might end up with all your loot!