FBI makes another search the house of San Bernadino terrorist’s brother, father, and friend

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CORONA, CA – The feds aren’t saying why agents raided the home of the brother of one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

That would be Syed Raheel Farook.

His brother Syed Rizwan Farook teamed up with wife Tashmin Malik to gun down 14 of Farook’s co-workers at a holiday party last December.

The couple died a few hours later in a shoot-out with cops.

Federal agents left the Corona, CA, house with boxes, a computer, and other items, but a federal judge sealed the information that led to the search warrant.

A couple of things here.

First, terror bro Syed Raheel Farook is a U.S. Navy vet decorated for his role in the fight against global terrorism. Talk about irony.

He lives there with his wife and father. And guess who also uses this house as a home address.

That would be Enrique Marquez, the childhood friend of Farook the Terrorist, and the guy the feds say purchased the two semi-automatic rifles used in the killings.

None of these folks claims to have had prior knowledge of the attack, and so the feds continue to search for clues in a house full of clueless people.

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