Guy picks wrong drug store to rob, gets knocked out by boxer

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BRADENTON, FL – A Florida hooligan got an unexpected lesson in the not-so gentlemanly art of pugilism.

It all started on a sunny Valentine’s Day at a Bradenton Walgreens when a hooded, masked hombre walked in and climbed up on the counter, threatening the staff and demanding Oxycodone.

He also said he had a gun.

That’s when state-champion boxer David West moved in.

West was visiting his girlfriend, and decided to take the bad guy to Fist City.

When he was finished, 26-year-old Anthony Nemeth looked like he had gone a round with a boxer. Oh, wait, he did.

West says he was happy to protect his girl, but sad about Nemeth’s drug addiction.

Cops don’t encourage folks to jump in like this, but they say if you have to, then there are some things to consider.

"Make sure you don't hurt yourself,” said Bradeton police lieutenant James Racky. “Make sure nobody else gets hurt, and if the guy has a gun, and you can see it, don't try to take him down, because we don't want you getting shot."

They also don’t encourage folks to rob a drug store, because you may really need pain killers when you fail.

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