Georgia trooper cleared in crash that killed teens

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CARROLL COUNTY, GA - No justice, no peace for the family and friends of two Georgia teens killed in a car crash last September.

The man who killed 17-year-old Kylie Lindsey and 16-year-old Isabella Chinchilla was not a drunk driver or some guy that was high on drugs.  He is is former state trooper AJ Scott.

Scott was behind the wheel of his patrol car going 90-miles-an-hour when he slammed into a car full of four teens.  A grand jury cleared him of any wrongdoing.

"It's not fair for this to happen to them and nothing to happen to him," said Myris Tatum.

Now, the former trooper is speaking out for the first time.

"There's no words to describe how sorry I feel, and if I can ever be of service to any of them, I'm here and I'll do whatever they need," said Scott.

Those words brought zero comfort to the families.

"If he was much of a man, he would man up and say, 'I'm at fault. I mess up and I'm willing to do my time,'" said Kylie's grandfather, Larry Strickland.

According to crash reports, the trooper was not responding to a call and he did not have his lights and sirens on.  There has been 10 wrecks at the same intersection since 2012.

"90mph on a road that he patrolled for nearly four years, and he knew the intersection was dangerous," said Strickland.

Still, a grand jury declined to indict the former trooper of crimes that included vehicular homicide.

"It's just complete heartbreak for everybody involved."

Scott was fired from his job, but he walked away unscathed, and that's a wound that will never heal for the grief-stricken families of two young girls.

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