Not good: High school invites only black students to seminar on gang violence

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LITTLE ROCK, AR -  In Little Rock, a high school has come under fire for invited only African American freshman to a seminar on gang violence.

Arron Perkins' sister attended the gathering. "When I talked to her about it, she felt that it was very racist," said Perkins. "Someone in the group asked, 'Why are there no other kids besides African American kids here?'"

The school district`s statement says the segregation was about desegregation, which seemed a juxtaposition. They said the seminar was part of "desegregation efforts" encouraging programs and opportunities for minority students

The American Civil Liberties Union doesn`t buy it. The group sent a letter saying it`s a possible violation of student rights.

The high school fired back that it now "regrets" the audience was segregated.

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