Georgia business owner asks all employees to carry guns at work

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GRIFFIN, GA - On the clock and carrying! A Georgia business man is loading up his employee coverage by requiring that all his workers be packin' heat while on the job. Talk about keeping a strong workforce.

Lance Toland, owner of an aviation insurance agency, ordered all his workers to obtain a concealed carry license. A few weeks later, the boss gave each one of the newly certified gun handlers a brand new Taurus Judge. The reason for this bangin' employee bonus, Toland was concerned with crime in the area.

So, will more businesses aim for this kind of employee protection plan? Scott Hoffer, President/CEO of Hoffer Furniture in Houston says, "I don't think it's a very good idea for employees to carry guns in the workplace. Unfortunately i think it creates risk, and i think it creates scare."

Will guns at work catch on, or will this business deal get shot down? We'll see if more folks pull the trigger on this idea.