Hitler had a teeny-weeny weeny and just one testicle, claims new book about the Fuhrer

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UNITED KINGDOM – Back in the day, instructional films taught guys about their bodies and about growing up.

Now, we’re finding out that Adolph Hitler didn’t grow in the same way as the other German boys.

A couple of authors write in their new book “Hitler’s Last Day, Minute by Minute” that the Fuhrer had a little man in his pants.

Historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie say he had a condition that causes a tiny penis with a malformed opening at the base.

Hitler could also raise his hand as a guy carrying around half a sack.

The authors say they have Hitler’s medical records that show he had just one testicle, and that his doctor gave him hormones and other drugs whenever his mistress Eva Braun came to visit.

Medical notes from when Hitler was in prison show he had an undescended right testicle, meaning, the guy was a lefty all along.

Napoleon was short in stature, giving rise to the term “Napoleon Complex.”

But Hitler gives a whole ‘nuther meaning to the term Short Man Complex.

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