Rapper 50 Cent heading back to bankruptcy court after Instagram pics disturb judge

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Whoever said a picture's worth a thousand words probably wasn't looking at rapper 50 Cent's Instagram. But his bankruptcy judge has been scoping it out, and she's not too happy. One pic looks like it's worth several thousand bucks!

The picture looks like it's filled with a whole lot of Benjamins, even if they do spell "B-R-O-K-E!"

And that's exactly why the judge in the rapper's bankruptcy case wants Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. "50 Cent," back in court. Looks like somebody's got some  'splaining to do!

As Fity himself has said, "I'll break it down for ya, baby, it's simple."

See, last July, Fity claimed to be broke and went to court to get out of debt, even though the rapper spends an estimated $72K a month just to keep up his mansion in Connecticut- while pulling in $185K a month in income.

Now, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ann M. Nevins thinks Fity may not be telling the truth about his finances, after seeing the fat stacks of cash surrounding him.

Since last October, the rapper has been flooding Instagram with all kinds of photographs that don't exactly make him look broke.

Still, the rapper says he's been honest with the judge and can explain everything.

But if 50 is out of dough, he may just have to change his name to “10 Cent” to please the court.

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