Snowmobile softball is a pretty cool sport in Wisconsin

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GREENVILLE, WI - Okay, sports fans! Here's something you don't hear very often. "Snow boots on and batter up!"

"We call it snowmobile softball," says Bruce Learman, tournament organizer. "It's basically slow-pitch softball, played on a snowmobile."

Sounds simple enough. You won't catch a game at Houston's Minutemaid Field, but in Greeneville, Wisconsin, it's a real hit.

The rules for this winter sport are pretty easy. Only, pop flies may become popsicles. You gotta wear gloves....on both hands. And since you run the bases on sleds, the term "line drive" takes on new meaning.

"This is awesome," according to Jim Fassbender.  "You got to try it once, and you get addicted to it.", sledders, are not allowed to start their engines until the ball is hit. It may look a little chaotic, but players say that's just part of the game. So is the occasional mishap.

By the way, just because you need snow to play this game doesn't mean it's flaky!

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