Starbucks revamps rewards program

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SEATTLE, WA -What could possibly be more annoying than the overly complicated coffee order at Starbucks? How about getting behind someone who asks the Barista to ring up several items separately? Ain't nobody got time for that!

That's exactly what was happening under the "My Starbucks Rewards" program, which doles out one 'star' per transaction. Customers were cheating the system by breaking one big purchase into several small purchases in order to earn more stars. So, the coffee giant is overhauling their program in hopes of speeding up the checkout process, and getting you to spend... more bucks.

Starting in April, the renamed "Starbucks Rewards" will give Frappuccino freaks two 'stars' for every buck spent. But, you'll have to earn 300 stars to reach gold status. After that, you'll need 125 stars to get a free item. For all you bean counters out there, that means you'll have to spend $150 plus another $63 in order to get your reward.

That means it'll take a lot longer to get that freebie if you order a simple, large black coffee. If you want to reach "Gold" status quicker than a jolt of caffeine, go ahead and complicate the crap out of your order.

Or, you could reward yourself with lots of extra cash in the bank by making your own damn coffee...just sayin'.

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