Houston Livestock and Rodeo unveils new portable bathroom trailers

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HOUSTON, TX - Saddle up your steed. The Houston Livestock and Rodeo is coming to town. The show promises to be big this year, but this time around the best seats might be found outside the stadium. That's right, when you go to the rodeo (and you gotta go) it's usually one of the toxic-smelling, big green port-a-potties we venture into.

This year the folks at the rodeo are also introducing a fleet of "comfort stations" to help ease bathroom congestion and the dreaded restroom funk. Dan Cheney; VP & COO of Houston Livestock and Rodeo says, "They're very well equipped. When you peek inside, you'll see that they got simulated hardwood floors. They have running water. They also have flushable toilets because they're hooked into the sanitary sewer and fresh water." They also have climate control, to help the air stay comfortable and fresh while you do your deed.

Clean on the inside and clean on the outside, the new portable bathroom trailers will help ease the workload of the old-fashioned port-a-potties that will still be in use this year. So you might still need to stand downwind of these things to avoid the deadly flumes. And speaking of things that blow.

Tuesday's windy weather is being blamed for a rodeo tent's downfall. No one was hurt during the collapse and workers are busy getting it back up in time before rodeo events kick off on Thursday. Enjoy the show and enjoy the facilities!

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