Where should GOP candidates visit while in Houston?

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HOUSTON, Texas - Hey, Houston!  Guess who's coming to town?   The Bayou City is dressing up for the GOP presidential debate.   On Thursday, these five guys are gonna be nasty to each other.  "You're a liar!  You're a big mouth!  You don't know what you're talking about!"  Things students at UH would definitely be embarrassed to say.  But while they're here, why not take them on a city tour?

"I think Donald Trump should pass by Discovery Green Park", said resident Jordan Jones, "to see what the world has to offer."

How do you see future President Trump having his own big head sculpted, like the ones greeting motorists on I-10 downtown?  Wanna-be Commander in Chief Ted Cruz plays local; so he should take Ben Carson to the Texas Medical Center or out for a beer at Washington Ave. or Midtown.

"I think all the candidates should go to Starbucks", expressed Tim Brown.  "When I go there I see a lot of interesting people.  It seems very diverse, pretty representative of Houston."

If Marco Rubio wants to be the leader of the free world, he should definitely taste our international cuisine.  Too bad Chris Chirsti is no longer in the race.  And finally, Galveston sounds like a perfect place for happy-go-lucky Gov. Kasich.  He seems to be on vacation-mode anyway.

"I think they should go over to the Rodeo and try all the barbecue at the cook-off," Kevin Willard suggested.  "The candidates should ride horses and bulls," added Paul Flood, "because that's a good practice for them for the road ahead."

On Thursday night, Houston will be in the spotlight, and so will our people and attractions.  Let's cheer to that.  We tend to say "everything is bigger in Texas", but this time around it's gonna be "yuuge!"

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