Actor Terry Crews dishes about his dirty little secret

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LOS ANGELES, CA - We all have our secrets, some more embarrassing than others, but actor Terry Crews is coming clean about his dark past.

"My dirty little secret is that I was addicted to pornography for years."

The star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, White Chicks, and those Old Spice commercials posted a video confessional on Facebook, which has already been viewed and shared thousands of times.

"Pornography--it really, really messed up my life in a lot of ways."

Crews said his addiction threatened his marriage.

"If day turns into night, and you're still watching, you've probably got a problem."

Crews says he eventually went to rehab to kick the habit.

The muscular funnyman says "pornography kills all intimacy" and is calling on men to be more accountable--and to stop blaming their wives. He says good, old-fashioned face time with your partner is the best way to "spice" things up. So guys, if you really want to get turned on, it's time to turn those computer screens off!

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