Author John Grisham Offers Free Book To Stop Cancer

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Charlottesville, VA - Want to cure cancer?

A best-selling author can't help you with that, but he might offer the next best thing with the newest way to fight it.

John Grisham, author of such thrillers as The Firm and The Client, now brings forth a new book about fighting cancer.

Yep, attorney author Grisham has set aside his best-selling legal docket to write what he says is the most important book of his career.

Grisham's book called The Tumor is only 47 pages (not a "huge" tumor), but he feels so strongly about it, the author is giving it away for "free."

Grisham even went out on a limb to write it against the wishes of his agent, his editor, and his publisher. But he believes if you read this book you might just learn "how to save a life."

The book focuses on a fictional family with a protagonist diagnosed with cancer. But "spoiler alert," the diagnosis comes too late.

Yet, instead of a lawyer saving the day, as in most Grisham stories, the hero in this one is a medical device called "Focused Ultrasound."

Sounds like a killer read.

Hey, it may never be a best-seller (since it's Free), but Grisham says this book may one day save or prolong millions of lives.

In the end, the reader learns what most of us already know: when it comes to cancer, prevention is always the best cure.

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