Canadian Seamen Kiss Off Tradition To Make History

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When sailors come back from a long deployment at sea, long-standing tradition dictates a ceremonial kiss when they come into port.

That tradition has always meant kissing a girl and liking it.

But a couple of seamen in Canada sure didn't.

They decided to buck tradition and make a little same-sex history.

Yes, it's the first time ever in the history of the Royal Canadian Navy that two men have shared the ceremonial smooch on the lips.

As the Village People once pleaded, "In the Navy, come on and join your fellow man."

And that's exactly what these two did.

Afterwards, master seaman Francis Legare said simply, "I am speechless."

Of course, when you think of sailors and famous kisses it's hard to top the famous lip-lock celebrating the end of World War II. It ended up in Life magazine.

Who knows where this Royal Canadian smooch will rank in the annals of nautical history.

But it's safe to say these two seamen dived right in, and they liked it.

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