Tennessee Volunteers football coach denies calling a former player a traitor for helping a woman who claims two players raped her

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KNOXVILLE, TN – University of Tennessee football coach Butch Jones has been flagged for illegal procedure, and it’s coming from former Vol Drae Bowles.

He claims in a sworn affidavit filed in federal court that Jones accused him of betraying the team when he helped a woman who claims two Tennessee football players raped her.

But he says Jones later apologized for calling him a traitor to the team.

Jones called Bowles accusations false attacks on his character. (Is that like a personal foul?)

All of this comes a day after Jones joined Tennessee’s other head coaches to say their programs do not create hostile sexual environments, despite a Title IX lawsuit eight women filed against the university, claiming the school enables sexual assaults.

Several of them say they were raped. One woman says she was a target of retaliation after supporting another victim.

An attorney for the victims says they have specific allegations involving Tennessee football and basketball players.

The University of Tennessee is on the defense and claims it acted properly, which is kinda like being not guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.

It also says it’s doing all it can to prevent assaults and to support victims.

There are always two sides in a game, and in this contest, both teams need to remember “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

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