Thieves Walk Away With Over $8,000 in Merchandise from Shoe Store

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Houston - Ladies, beware ... there's a big-time shoe bandit on the streets!

Actually, it's a shoe-robbing duo, and these thieves got away with more than $8,000 worth of sneakers and merchandise from "The Shoe Box," according to the 24-year-old store owner.

"I just got here, and everything was torn up," owner James Jones said.

Eula Jones, the owner's mother, is heart-broken for her son. "Now he's like devasted," she shared. "It's all... everything's gone."

Jones says the store was his dream come true, and it had only been open since last month. "We came from nothing. "I mean, we came from selling shoes out of my car."

As they pick up the pieces, the family is grateful for one thing the bad guys did. "I am so glad the security cameras were there because they smiled for the camera," Jones' mother declared. "Thank you, fellas."

"Somebody's gonna get you," Jones predicted. "Somebody knows who you are."

Surveillance video shows the crooks came by in the early morning hours and cased the place first. Then, they returned an hour later. They smashed-in the store front and grabbed everything they could.

Eula Jones has a message for the burglars: "Shame on you!" She added, "How can you take someone else's dream and make it seem so cheap?"

The police are hard at work on the case and hope to track down the stolen soles.

In the meantime, Jones vows to turn this setback into a major comeback.

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