Will Ted Cruz take Texas in the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday?

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HOUSTON, TX - The stage is set tonight for the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday next week. The five remaining Republican nominee hopefuls are taking the podium tonight in Houston, but the word out on the streets says this Texas showdown is really between two. Student at University of Houston, Katie Lindgren says, "If anything, I think it's going to be a battle between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump."

Donald Trump, the moneymaker with the big mouth is firing on all cylinders these days. Some might even say he's unstoppable. Then there's the good ol' boy from Texas (by way of Canada) Lone Star State Senator Ted Cruz. Surely he's got the upper hand in this red state, right? UH student Cody Cumba says, "Cruz is absolutely going to take shots at Trump. This is really his last stand, I mean, i don't see way he wouldn't pull out all of the guns out of the basket."

Still, after losing primaries in three states, some see tonight's debate as a do or die moment for Cruz. Guess we'll just have to wait until the dust settles tonight to see who takes Texas and who rides off into the sunset. Yippee ki yay candidates!

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