Damn Daniel’s Breaking the Internet

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RIVERSIDE, CA - Ugh! Who`s tired of Damn Daniel already? The latest video to break the damn Internet. That annoying phrase that just can`t help but get stuck in your damn head. It`s all thanks to the damn kid, Josh Holz, from Riverside, California commenting on his friend Daniel Lara`s fashion sense. Now, the damn kids are becoming so damn famous they appeared on Ellen. Enough already! Holz twitter account has more than 171,000 followers and the video itself has 450,000 likes and counting and 340 thousand re-tweets. Making matters worse, we found this pair of torn up 'Damn Daniel' themed White Vans going for upwards of $400,000 on eBay. Seriously? Damn! The kids are so well known they've been victims of swatting hoax. A swat team actually showed up at Holz`s house to investigate a false report. Now that`s famous. But hey, if it`s that easy Newsfix definitely had to give it a try, we headed to Journey's to see how many damn folks we could get to utter the damn catch phrase. Here`s to hoping they get famous too. Now 'Bye Felicia', cause I’m not saying 'Damn Daniel' again. 'Damn it', I just did.

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