Escaped Unicorn Leads Police On Wild Goose Chase

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Madera County, CA - People in California were not prepared when the call went out.

An escaped "unicorn" was on the loose!

That's right, we said a  unicorn. Just like out of a children's book.

But this was no fairy tale. Drivers on Avenue 12 in Madera County called 9-1-1 when they spotted the beast.

"The calls were coming in as a unicorn running around out there on the roadway," Officer Josh McConnell of the California Highway Patrol declared.

Turns out the wild beast was actually a pony named "Juliette," outfitted to look like a unicorn. The little filly escaped from a photo shoot.

"I love my pony," five-year-old Tatum Boos shared. "She likes apples and carrots."

Apparently, Juliette was looking for her Romeo because she led police on a three-hour chase complete with patrol cars and a highway patrol helicopter.

Little Tatum put it another way, "She was being a bad pony...and then she ranned away."

Sandra Boos, Tatum's mother, said Juliette "was running a muck in a couple of orchards."

But in true fairy tale form, the story has a happy ending.

It wasn't Romeo who saved the day but this shady character- a horse named "Shady."

Renee Pardy, Shady's owner, revealed "they had met before, and I kind of just walked off with my horse and she followed."

At that point, Tatum's mom said everyone was relieved. "The call came out, 'the unicorn was in custody,'" Boos said.

Now that Juliette has sewn her wild oats for awhile, this unicorn has another chance to live happily ever after.

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