Large pothole annoying drivers in Pasadena neighborhood

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Since Houston's mayor is filling' potholes almost as fast as we can find them, NewsFix headed out to Pasadena to see what kind road craters they're dealing with.
We found our pothole of the day on Elm street near El Jardin.
"People have been hitting it with their vehicles or on foot as they jog or walk, so its been a problem," said Loretta Hamilton who lives near the pothole.

Residents say the dip in the road formed when the city repaired a sewer system.

"One of our neighbors actually hit it and cracked his radiator, others have fallen and twisted their ankle, that sort of thing," said Hamilton.

NewsFix reached out to the Pasadena mayor's office and they say the street and drainage department will be working on the hole as soon as Thursday.

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