Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan stumps for Hillary Clinton in Houston

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Celebrity stumping. When candidates call on their A-list friends to campaign on their behalf, hoping to influence the vote. It makes some of us feel like Houstonian Robert Anderson, who said, “Maybe if these celebrities were giving reasoned arguments or present new evidence, then maybe, but none of them are.”

Like when rapper Killer Mike hit the trail for Bernie Sanders in Atlanta and Columbia. Or when the likes of Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty' supports good ol` boy Ted Cruz. Kid Rock got behind Ben Carson, and “Pawn Star`s” Rick Harrison is pulling for Marco Rubio! Who cares right? But it really depends on the celebrity.

Enter Michelle Kwan, stumping in Houston. You probably know her for medalling in both the 1998 and 2002 Olympic ice skating competitions.

But you might not know, she worked with the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

“I traveled as an envoy, I traveled as an adviser, I saw first hand her leadership and vision,” she shared with the crowd at Tracy Gee Community Center.

When she stumps for Clinton, it's about personal experience, not publicity.

“Our parents and our great grandparents, have immigrated to the United States chasing the American dream that you could build a better life, if you work hard and you dream big, and that`s really what`s at stake,” stated Kwan.

So while we can roll our eyes at Dennis Rodman tweeting his support for Trump ... Perhaps not all celebrity stumping is created equal.

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