Professor Loses Job Over Threats Against Young Journalist

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Columbia, MO - Hey, remember that college professor in Missouri who wasn't exactly "media-friendly?"

Yeah, the one who greeted a young journalist by saying, "You need to get out. You need to get out. You need to get out!"

Well, guess what?

Now she's out. Out of job, that is.

Yes, the University of Missouri has fired assistant professor Melissa Click. "I think that raises a lot of questions about who was in charge of the university that day," Click has asserted about criticism of her actions.

"That day" was a student protest back in November, and it was Click who seemed a little unhinged in a video that went viral. "Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?" she called out in the video. "I need some muscle over here!"

Interim head chancellor Hank Foley has called Click's conduct "appalling,"and former alumni have called for her dismissal. "Well, certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion," Click has declared. "However, what he did I think sets a really dangerous precedent."

Click actually wasn't suspended until January when a local prosecutor filed third degree assault charges against her.

Now Click hopes the university will have a change of heart. "I'm sorry for my behavior in the video," Click apologized. "I wish I could take it back."

Apparently she is entitled to request reconsideration of her dismissal by the university curators.

But for now, she's out.

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