Austin declares war on San Antonio over breakfast tacos

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AUSTIN, TX - Ladies and gentleman, we are sorry to announce Texas has declared war. "The city of Austin is currently at war with San Antonio," said Austin's mayor Steve Adler Saturday, "over a subject that I know we all hold dear in our hearts. And that, of course, is breakfast tacos."

Of course, he was joking, but he seriously believes Austin has the best breakfast tacos in the country. They might not have invented them (Tex-Mex expert Robb Walsh traced that back to Corpus Christi). But Austin came up with the phrase "breakfast taco" and started the revolution.

Ivy Taylor, the mayor of the Alamo city, says she doesn't care who came up with the name. Even New Yorkers like her know, "San Antonio is the mecca of the breakfast taco."

She challenged Adler to a taco taste-off to "finally end this taco-versy.... I'll bring some of our favorite tacos and you bring yours."

Funny thing about this breakfast taco war-- they didn't even consider the best tacos in Texas come from right here in H-town at places like Brothers Taco House on Dowling.

"I like the spiciness. I don't want bland, and I want a lot of meat on my taco," says regular P.T. Ngwolo.

"A couple of bites in, you can tell that the tortillas are really fresh and the ingredients were really high quality," says first-timer Nora Carpinelli.

Jesus Alejandro is co-manager at the taco shop, along with his brother (hence the name). "We have 2000 people coming here a day that say that we're the best tacos," Alejandro explains. "The last eight years, Houston Press and Yelp have been nominating us first for best breakfast tacos in Houston. And sometimes second place."

Quent Brown says she really enjoys her visits to Brothers, "They take pride in making very fresh, clean, quality food."

Brothers regular Sohan Handudge used to live nearby and ate here every day for three years, "Nothing compares over here. I love this place!"

Hear that, Austin? San Antonio?

Houston is the place for breakfast tacos! Let us in on your showdown, and you can taste that for yourselves.

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