Illinois High School Apologizes For Mock Slave Auction

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Barrington, IL - A high school near Chicago is doing a lot of apologizing after some students held a mock slave auction- complete with chains- at a convention over the weekend.

Students were competing to show school spirit while demonstrating their knowledge of Greek and Roman cultures.

Students from Barrington High School chose "slavery" for their topic.

Students and parents in attendance from a neighboring Chicago school were outraged. "It was crazy," one student declared. One of the parents, Danielle McDaniels, agreed. "We couldn't believe it. We were all standing there in shock." Another student asked in disbelief, "How could they walk up there and nobody stop it?"

One parent caught part of the auction on cellphone video. In the video, one of the students is auctioned off and sold. "I think that it was in poor taste," McDaniels said. "I think that it was culturally insensitive."

To make matters worse, the Barrington students were named the winners of the competition. "I think the fact that it won first place sends a loud message that this is okay," McDaniels added.

Barrington officials issued an apology on their Facebook page saying, "We agree with the concern and are reviewing the incident with students and staff who were involved."

Still, not everyone is satisfied. "I feel like we still haven't gotten like the proper apology, and everything hasn't been owned by the Barrington school," one of the offended students said.

Maybe next time, students will take up something safer... like Greek mythology instead.

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