‘Johnny Football’ Gets Sacked At Miami Strip Club

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MIAMI, FL – NFL bad boy Johnny Manziel has struck again!

Hey, who knew Johnny Football is also a weatherman?

Yes, Manziel made it rain a lot at a Miami strip club with his latest hijinks caught on camera.

A witness says Manziel even blacked out during the night of heavy boozing in South Florida.

You might think Johnny boy would clean up this act a bit, now that Dallas prosecutors have sent Manziel’s domestic abuse case to a grand jury. And in Cleveland, the Browns are preparing to cut ties with the QB. “I want to make sure we all understand that ‘that behavior’ will not be tolerated,” Browns head coach Hue Jackson vowed.

Remember when Manziel was actually known for his on field skills?

“I’ve come a long way from that point,” Manziel noted in an earlier press conference during the season.

He sure has come a long way. But now the party tour rolls on for Mr. Football.

So, what will Johnny do next?

Watch the skies. ‘Manziel the Weatherman’ just might make it snow!

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