Popular Louisiana Sheriff’s Captain resigns

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LAFAYETTE, LA - A Louisiana Sheriff's Captain known for his tough talk is having to change his tune.

Captain Clay Higgins, of St. Landry Parrish, made an incredibly popular video just two weeks ago. In it, he challenges local gang members to turn themselves in or face the strong-arm of the law, saying, "Men like us, son, we do dumbbell presses with weights bigger than you."

Higgins is known as the "Cajun John Wayne" and has made dozens of videos for Crimestoppers with the same confrontational tone. But his tough talk got him in a tough spot on the job. Higgins is stepping down from his post after his boss, Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, told him he crossed the line.

Guidroz said, "He's got to remember I'm the sheriff... He has to speak [for] me. He cannot speak for Clay." The Sheriff says the videos are unprofessional and against department policy.

Higgins' latest video has been viewed more than 18 million times online. But law enforcement is not a popularity contest, and, like most of us, Higgins has to answer to his boss.

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