What is the first thing you would do after a whole year in space?

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HOUSTON, TX - Coming home after a long, long trip can be exhilarating.   American astronaut Scott Kelly has finished a record nearly-one-year mission in space and is taking a giant leap back to Earth.

He handed the command of the International Space Station to Tim Kopra, packed his stuff, tweeted a bunch of pictures -#typicaltourist- and requested an Uber ride back to Kazakhstan.

Kelly and his twin brother Mark, a retired astronaut himself, are part of a science experiment to prepare humankind for a trip to Mars.

So, here's a question for the rest of us, spectators of yet another American feat: "What is the first thing you would do after a whole year in space?"

"The first thing I would do after spending a year in space is catch up on Netflix," said Houston resident Vanessa Evans.

"I would go get a great meal at my favorite restaurant," added food lover Randy Stadel.

"Well, hopefully my family would be waiting for me and I'd give every single one of them a great big hug," expressed Steve Warren.

Meanwhile, Carmen Gimenez had other plans: "I would be with my husband", she laughed.

And finally, Giana Pergamo had no problem admitting she would run back home and rub her puppies' bellies.  To each his own.

Let's be honest: not everyone has what it takes to explore the universe.  Welcome home Captain Kelly!  We missed you.

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