Super Tuesday gives way to Wednesday’s Primary Blues (with apologies to Mr. Frey)

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HOUSTON – NewsFix brings you a summary of Tuesday night's Super Tuesday Primary battle in the form of song (with apologies to Glenn Frey)...

There's trouble on the streets tonight

You can feel it in your bones

The governor and the doctor

Have been left out all alone.


They knew the deck was loaded

But they didn’t think Trump could kill

Then the primaries exploded

And the blood began to spill. (Super Tuesday wins: Trump 7, Cruz 3, Rubio 1)


So, Donald here’s your ticket

Put that suitcase in your hand

The nomination’s yours

If you do it like you planned.


"I am a unifier. Once we get all of this finished, I'm going to go after one person. That's Hillary Clinton.”


We’re sorry that you dropped out, Ben

But someone had to lose

It’s the nature of the business

It’s the Primary Blues.


Ted Cruz was big in Texas (Cruz 44%, Trump 27%)

Just like everything that rates

But he only got the Xs

To win two other states (Alaska, Oklahoma).


”But we are the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump once, twice, three times.”


Marco had a big night

Minnesota was the place

But he took a real drubbing

In every other race (1 of 11).


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Was the picture of victory

Taking seven of eleven

And American Samoa

Far across the sea.


“What a Super Tuesday!”


Bernie Sanders is still running

In spite of all the news

That he’s a losing proposition

That some just can’t refuse

It’s the politics of campaigns

It’s the Primary Blues.

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