Candidates Clash in Kansas and Four Other States For ‘Spotty Saturday’

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Wichita, KS - Now that "Super Tuesday" has past, welcome to "Spotty Saturday!"

Republicans and Democrats are facing off again in a spotty contest across the country.

Only three states are in play for the Democrats, offering a total of 118 delegates.

Hillary Clinton is expected to win handily in Louisiana, but she may be feeling "the Bern" in Kansas and Nebraska.

On the Republican front, there are 155 delegates at stake in four states: Maine, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Kansas.

The Jayhawk State is the battleground for 40 Republican delegates.

"I told the pilot we're going to Kansas...just get here!" Republican front-runner Donald Trump told an enthusiastic crowd in Wichita.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz also attended a caucus rally in Wichita. "We're here because our country's in crisis," Cruz told supporters.

The Republican field has officially narrowed to four, though. Dr. Ben Carson made it official that he has left the race. Carson said he did the delegate math, "and i simply realized it wasn't going to happen."

Of course, you've got to "hand" it to Trump, he knows how to grab attention.

"I want to show the size of my hands," Trump explained to supporters, describing his debate exchange with Florida Senator Marco Rubio. "How I could grab him."

Trump was especially "handy" with his remarks from Thursday's debate, which some feel crossed a line of decency.

"He referred to my hands, if they are small, something else must be small," Trump directed at Rubio. "I guarantee you there is no problem."

Trump supporters in Michigan said they are more upset with Mitt Romney, after his scathing speech against Trump. "I'm furious with Mitt Romney," Trump supporter Julie Delaney said. "Furious with Mitt Romney because he has no business telling those of us how we should vote."

Will Romney's attack on Trump- and Trump's response- hurt "The Donald's" support?

"With me, I think I can do almost anything, and you are with me, right?" Trump asked supporters in Michigan.

Saturday's results will tell the tale.

In the meantime, Trump's speaking with his hands again, with a warning about all politicians. "They lie!"

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