Hot Rod News: Google car in fender-bender with city bus, and Bugatti introduces a hot rod, baby

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – NewsFix reporters ride the highways of the world to bring you the latest in “Hot Rod News.”

One of Google’s self-driving cars may have been partly responsible for a fender-bender with a city bus in Mountain View, CA. And this would be the first time a Google car may have been at fault.

It was going about 2 mph when it tried to avoid some sandbags around a storm drain.

The car apparently thought the city bus behind it would back off. So did the test driver who wasn’t driving.

But the bus did not yield, and bumped the car going about 15 mph.

Google’s PR folks pointed out its test cars have driven more than one million miles with only 17 minor accidents before this one.

Google’s also said this type of misunderstanding happens between human drivers every day.

Google says from now on its cars will know buses and other large vehicles are less likely to yield, something some real drivers haven’t figured out.

But forget about yielding if you’re driving the new Bugatti Chiron, a car the company promises to be faster and more powerful than its other fast and powerful cars.

Bugatti says the Chiron is capped at 260 mph for road use.

They’ve already sold about a third of the 500 cars it plans to make.

And you can have one of these babies for $2.6 million.

But that’s the base price. Chilled champagne and caviar in the passenger seat is extra.

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