Survey Names Worst and Best Cities For Traffic Commutes

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Houston - Congratulations, H-town!

You're officially not one of the worst commuter cities in the nation!

Well okay, that's just according to real estate website Trulia's list of cities with the worst traffic commutes. But believe it or not, Houston didn't even make the Top 10.

However, some Houstonians say this is one list that needs a serious reality check. "Just because it's really bad," Deirdre Sutor said. "It was bad this morning, it was bad yesterday."

Henry Morales agreed, saying that when it comes to Houston traffic, "Stay out of it in Houston between rush hour time to go home, I know that."

Another Houston man shrugged, "If a study says it, I guess it's what the study says, huh?"

So, which city has the worst commute according to Trulia?

Was it LA? Philly? Dallas?

Nope. They say it's New York City.

That's right, the Big Apple is rotten to the core when it comes to commute times, checking in at a whopping 34.8 minutes for an average commute.

Somehow it seems like Houston has to have New York's time beat by a country mile, unless this survey was measured in a New York minute.

"Since I'm here, I would say Houston, but I don't know," Sutor laughed.

"I'm gonna say New York because it's more population...maybe more people, so it has to be," Morales insisted.

"No one really owns cars in New York," another Houstonian noted.

"You've got to walk to everything," C.J. Mims said. "Traffic is like bumper to bumper!"

So, where should people move to for the shortest commute time? Well, the survey says it's time to shuffle off to Buffalo where the average commute is a breezy 20.3 minutes.

In 43 of the 50 metro cities studied- including Houston- the survey found renters beat homeowners in commute time by about one and a half minutes.

Of course, maybe this survey only interviewed speed demons.

Apparently, Houstonians just drive faster than New Yorkers.


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