Vaping banned on commercial flights. Is it time to end smoking altogether?

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WASHINGTON, DC-- Smokers, you got a target on your backs. This week, San Francisco made it illegal to buy cigarettes until you're 21. Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation is banning vaping on commercial airplanes.

You think God's trying to tell you something?

Smoking's bad for you, people! Why are you still doing it?! It kills a half a million Americans every year.

Yielding our soapbox back to transportation secretary Anthony Foxx, he says this rule "protects airline passengers from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes."

Houstonian Marlene Woods agrees, "We don't know how safe it is. I'm a non-smoker, and I'm sitting there and somebody's vaping next to me. Am I also vaping?"

Traveler Matt Weeman says the electronic cigarette ban was inevitable, "When you're on a plane, you're with a hundred other people. You gotta respect other people's space."

The new rule applies to all flights leaving the U.S. but also ones coming in.

FYI: the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) also prohibits passengers from packing their e-cigs in checked baggage.

With accidents like the one that went viral where the guy's e-cig batteries blew up in his pants at a gas station, it's really a no-brainer. They have done the same thing in suitcases.

Bottom line-- smoking's a nasty habit, folks. And more and more places are banning it.

"Everybody's got a choice to do what they want to, and everybody has their vices," explains Delroy Blackwood, who says he's trying to quit.

"I'm fine with people choosing to do that," says anti-smoker Joe Korfmacher, "but just not around me."

Smokers, vapers: do yourself a favor and break the addiction now before you end up breaking the law.

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