Body Found In Van Leads To Funeral Director’s Arrest

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Whitehall, MI - Time has run out at the Clock Funeral Home in Whitehall, Michigan.

The funeral director, Thomas Clock, was arrested after a body was found in his van.

"It's a very sad situation," Clock's cousin, Dale Clock, expressed. "We feel terrible for it."

The trouble began when this 86-year-old woman died last December, and the funeral director picked up her body.

Clock reportedly took the body to a crematorium but later picked it up -un-cremated- because he never bothered to finish the paperwork. "Unfortunately my cousin has had some challenges and over the last 6 months, we know that it's been getting worse," Dale Clock shared.

Turns out Thomas Clock lost his state mortuary license last October, so legally he wasn't allowed to do anything with the body.

The woman's urn was later buried in a cemetary, but when law enforcement recently unearthed it, the urn was empty.

Clock apparently left the body frozen in his van for over a month. Then after he went for a joyride, he was arrested for drunk driving.

Even after the arrest, no one discovered the corpse in the van until a few days later.

Clock's cousin has since cremated the body and turned the ashes over to the family. Clock faces 10 years for fraud.

"He wasn't thinking straight, and I'm terribly sorry for those issues that happened," the cousin said. "We're just here to help."

Meanwhile, the rest of the Clock family says their business is booming. "When families are hurting, we're there to help."

Maybe the community can find comfort in that.

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