Crowd funded farms pick up steam in Houston

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Crowd-funding. It works for films, tech developments and video games. But farming? Yup! And it`s a growing movement here in Houston. They`re called CSA’s or Community Supported Agriculture.   Like the budding Alaiyo Farms sprouting up behind a neighborhood in Katy.

“They buy a share in the farm up front. It`s kind of a shared risk if the farm does well, everyone bonuses,” explains Alaiyo Farm owner Jared Kenney.

The risk involved is mitigated by not growing just one type of crop.

“I`m not producing 1000 acres of tomatoes, I`m producing 30 to 40 different items... We`ll go all the way down to the fence line, down there, this week they`ll be plowing it up,” Kenney says.

Across town near Montrose, Plant it Forward Farms has been at this a while now.

“We`ve been doing this about five years, so through surveys, through talking to our customers, we know what people like, and we can kind of tailor to your needs a little bit more,” says Farm Share Manager, Randy Rogers.

CSA’s are popular in the northwest and northeast. Out there it isn`t just veggies... But meat! Like “Crowd Cow,” where you put in for the cut you want, and once the whole cow is purchased, you get the very best beef, at a great price, and only the amount you want.

If fresh of the farm is what you`ve been looking for, you can`t get any fresher, than when the farm is literally just down the street!

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