Michigan twins born with noticeably different tones of skin

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI -  At first glance, you might not realize a couple of Michigan newborns are twins.

The girls were born with noticeably different skin tones.  One has a white skin tone, the other, a few shades browner.  Neither of the parents have brown skin.

Doctors say it's rare, but it happens based on which genes each baby gets from a certain parent.

"If a child gets some genes that code for a lot of pigment from one parent and some genes that code for less pigment from the other parent, you'll expect to see an average," said Dr. Helga Toriello, a medical geneticist with Spectrum Health.

If you look at the parents, it might be hard to tell who takes after who.  Believe it or not, the darker baby's skin tone comes from the mother, who is one-fourth black, and the father is white.

No matter how science explains it, it's clear these two will leave colorful mark on their parents' lives.

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