Moving Truck Dumps Furnishings At Wrong House

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Ontario, Canada - Christmas may be long over, but someone in Canada was in the giving spirit.

Apparently a U-Haul truck dumped a huge pile of household items in front of Kit Pullen's garage. "We woke up to find out that we were totally trapped," Pullen said. He couldn't even get out of his garage. "I thought I could walk out, but I have a car in there," he laughed.

Oh, Canada!

It's bad enough the guy has to dig out of the snow but now he has to dig out of this stuff, too! No one knows who this stuff even belongs to.

When Pullen called the City of Ottawa to have the items picked up he hit another cold road block: the city said they could not move items on private property.

So, Pullen then called U-Haul to come pick it up, but no one has returned his call.

Now, his last resort is to just find anyone who will come and pick up the stuff.

But hey, there's a bonus involved: one of the frozen items happens to be an unopened Wii game console!

So, all this could be yours if you're ready to drive to Canada and claim it!


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