North Korea warns of a preemptive nuclear strike as US and South Korea begin their annual military exercises

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – Li’l Kim Jong Un is rattling his nuclear sabers.

North Korea’s diminutive despot had his official news agency put out the warning that he and his Beastly Boyz would launch a preemptive and offensive nuclear strike in response to the annual, joint US/South Korea military exercises that began Monday.

North Korea always spits and moans during these exercises its leaders claim are threats and provocations.

But this year, the exercises come at a time of instability and uncertainty regarding what’s going on inside Li’l Kim’s head.

In January, North Korea claimed it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, and then last month, it launched a satellite into earth orbit.

Those led to the UN Security Council voting to hit North Korea with a variety of sanctions that include blocking exports of natural resources and imports of aviation fuel, particularly jet fuel for North Korea’s warplanes.

North Korea calls the sanctions unfair and immoral, something it knows a lot of about, considering millions of its people suffer from starvation and malnutrition in one of the world’s most oppressive societies.

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