Truckin’ crazy: Naked woman atop big rig shuts down Hwy. 290

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NORTHWEST HARRIS COUNTY - Rubber neckin' reached a new extreme Monday morning in Northwest Harris County. Authorities say a woman was driving westbound on Highway 290 near Huffmeister when she decided to strip down.

"She was stopped in the moving lane of traffic, began removing her clothes from her body and then stood up, grabbed a hold of the 18-wheeler's sides and began climbing up on top," said Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

The naked lady perched herself on top of the 18-wheeler and refused to come down.

"She was talking about Wall Street and aliens and all sorts of things," said Deputy Gilliland.

Her dance party of one jammed up traffic for two hours. This show wasn't even her first big hit. Deputies say she was involved in two separate hit-and-runs right before she hit the semi-stage.

"She must have had a good weekend, and then it turned bad today," said Ronnell Wardlow.

Her fun came to an end when firefighters used a ladder to lower the one-woman show to the ground. Back on Earth, deputies say the 25-year-old was incoherent.

"Once they got her inside the basket, they were able to give her a shot of Ketamine and that brought her down tremendously," said Deputy Gilliland.

The woman was whisked to the hospital for an evaluation. Whether it was drugs or a mental breakdown, this brings a whole new meaning to 'Manic Monday.'

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