Man suspected in shooting ID pastor arrested in DC, wrote manifesto claiming sexual abuse by space aliens

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COEUR D’ALENE, ID –  The Idaho man suspected of gunning down a pastor in a church parking lot after a Ted Cruz rally may have been planning to kill Martians and other space aliens in the nation’s capital.

The Secret Service busted Kyle Odom after an agent spotted the 30-year-old Marine veteran tossing something over the white house fence.

Kyle apparently flew from Coeur d’Alene to Washington, DC, after shooting pastor Tim Remington at his church parking lot a day after he spoke at the Cruz campaign rally.

Cops say Odom shot Remington several times. Remington survived.

In a 21-page manifesto Odom sent to his parents and several Idaho TV stations, Odom admitted shooting Remington, claiming the pastor is part of a vast space alien conspiracy to take over the planet,  a conspiracy he says include US senators, representatives, and Israeli diplomats in Washington.

Odom claims he is the victim of repeated sexual assaults by aliens, and that he once tried to kill himself, but aliens saved him.

Odom also claims in his manifesto that he declined an offer from Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine to work on a Ph.D. in human genetics. Baylor hasn't confirmed or denied it.

All of this may sound like something from the X-Files, but you know what they say: the truth is out there.

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