President Obama will not be attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral

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SIMI VALLEY, CA - Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, will lay in repose today and tomorrow. She will be laid to rest on Friday during a private ceremony at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Nancy Reagan will spend eternity beside her husband, former President Ronald Reagan.

"I know how much she meant, not just to President Reagan but to country as whole," says President Barack Obama. "She will be missed."

It seems President Obama will be missed, the funeral, that is......which is by invitation only. (Gee....wonder what manners and etiquette guru Emily Post would have to say about the Presidential no-show?)

President Obama is keeping his commitment to deliver the keynote address at the South By Southwest festival in Austin on Friday. The annual music, film and technology mega-conference has been on the President's calendar for a long time.

"Mrs. Reagan also understood the value of mentoring," says Michelle Obama, who will pay respects on behalf of the first couple. "She warmly and willingly offered advice and encouragement to me as I settled in to my role as First Lady."

Hillary Clinton is also expected to attend.  As far as presidential etiquette is concerned....remember the memorial for Nelson Mandela? That's when President Obama was criticized for taking a selfie.  It was know as the "click heard 'round the world."

At least that won't happen again......

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