Science explains Nomophobia as the fear of having no cellphone

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HOUSTON, TX - Hi-tech toys can be a blessing. But they can also be a curse. Did you know, some people are so addicted to their smart phones, they actually suffer anxiety when they're not connected. Whether their cell get's lost, stolen, or the battery just dies, these folks freak out.

The term for this modern-day madness is "Nomophobia" (or no-mobile-phone-bia) and sciences is saying it's a real thing. Interestingly enough, a study conducted in Britain looked into this fear of having no phone, and found women are 17% more likely to suffer from it than men. The people who probably see the most desperate Nomophobiacs are bar workers. These guys usually have to deal with alcohol addiction, now they have to put up with someone jonesing for a cellphone fix. Lucky for them, some bars are now supping their patrons with power. Hey bartender!

Nomophobiacs everywhere just let out a great big sigh of relief. Still, if this is what someone who is married to their cellphone thinks hooking up at the bar means, then they definitely need some couples counseling.

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