Super Tuesday 2: the sequel

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HOUSTON, TX - In a world where G.O.P. Candidates are measured by the size of their membership. And just when you hoped the democratic cat fight was over. Just when you thought the biggest boob on the Internet couldn`t be painted by a big boob on the Internet. We bring you Super Tuesday 2: the sequel.

Hillary took a landslide in the crooked letter state of Mississippi. While, in a nail biter, Old-Man Sanders barely squeaks out Michigan. The Trump Monster wins in Mississippi, Michigan and the Aloha State. While the 'Better of Ted' campaign celebrated a very potato state victory. And poor Mark Rubio cried 'wee-wee-wee' all the way home. And he might lose Florida too.

Perhaps what we really need is a new candidate. You know, a fresh face to liven up the mood. What do you think?

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