Suspect in mass murder in KS and MO in US illegally after deportation to Mexico in 2004

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KANSAS CITY, MO –  Cops in Missouri and Kansas say they’ve caught the guy who killed five men, but they don’t know why.

They nabbed 36-year-old Pablo Serrano-Vitorino after a two-state manhunt. Cops say he was armed with a rifle when they found him.

They also say he’s in the US illegally from Mexico where federal authorities deported him in 2004, but they don’t know when he came back.

The search for Serrano began Monday night after the first shootings at his neighbor’s house in Kansas City, KS.

Cops say he shot four men in the house. One of them called police before he died. Police say they don’t know why Serrano killed them.

Austin and Clint Harter were Sandy Harter’s boys. "There was no call for it,” she said. “They didn't bother nobody. They didn't start no trouble with nobody. They helped people."

Mike Capps was visiting. Jeremy Waters died at a hospital.

While Kansas authorities were looking for the shooter, police in Florence, MO, about 180 miles away, got a call about the murder of Randy Nordman his house.

They say Serrano killed him, but, again, they don’t know why.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it issued a detention order for Serrano last September after his arrest and fingerprinting in Overland Park, KS, but sent it to the wrong authorities in Kansas.

It may take a while for investigators to figure out why these men died, and how Serrano got back in the country, and why.

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