Trademarked name for “Houston” might force a local comic con to re-brand

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HOUSTON, Tx.- Super humans, mutants, and vigilantes unite! This summer`s awesome comic conventions are just on the horizon. But something threatens the harmony in the fair city of Houston.

It`s not Kryptonite, a villain bent on world domination, or even aliens invading... just good ol` trademark law.

If you have the tendency to dawn spandex once or twice a year, you probably already know that Houston is home to both Comicpalooza at the G.R.B., and Space City Comic Con at NRG.

The conflict? Houston has many not-so-secret identities; “H-Town,” “The Bayou City,” and the one at the center of a new trademark lawsuit, “Space City.” Who went and trademarked the name? The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. And now it wants Space City Comic Con to stop using it.

“I understand that they may have used it in the years past, but we didn’t know about it, and as soon as we knew about it, we did something about it,” says lawyer Charles Baker, who represents the GHCVB.

The plot thickens when it`s revealed that the GHCVB also has a 50% stake in Comicpalooza.

But if the GHCVB can defend its trademark, a convention in its 5th year might have to suddenly come up with a new identity, and fast.

Both conventions take place within weeks of each other this summer, and regardless what they call themselves, it`ll bring out the heroes from all corners of our galaxy, “Space City” or not.

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