Conroe Rattlesnake Festival

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If seeing a snake makes you feel like Indiana Jones ("I hate snakes. I hate 'em!) The you need to head out to the Texas Rattlesnake Festival in Conroe.
This place is a reptile lovers delight, in fact there's more snakes than you can shake a "snake stick" at. Diamondback rattlesnakes, Copperheads, Pythons, King snake, a Corn snake and even a Cobra. Where else can you see a guy walking an Asian Water monitor? Or pet a tortoise that's as large as an ottoman?
Now if you're thinking the Conroe Rattlesnake Festival might be similar to the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round up... think again. Sweetwater is about slaughtering. Conroe is about educating. "Snakes are one of the only animals out there that people find it socially acceptable to torture in front of children and people in mass- and they're okay with it," explains Orry Martin, a.k.a. the Texas Snake Hunter.
Festival folks love and appreciate these slithering serpents, and want you to, but if not, at least just understand why they're important. "Snake venom is being used a lot in medicinal research. There's a lot of good research going on for killer cancer cells. It's being used in potential Alzheimer's treatment and/or cures. It's being used a potential for pain killers. It's being used right now for thinning out blood clots. If you have some type of cardiovascular disease, you will most likely be treated with a medicine that came from a derivative of snake venom."
So, if they don't scare you to death, they could save your life!
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