National Kick Butts Day hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking

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HOUSTON, TX - Take a stand instead of taking a drag. Today is National Kick Butts Day, and organizers hope their message about the dangers of tobacco empowers young folks to stay away from smoking.

Started in the mid 90's by the Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids, Kicks Butts Day is a way to raise awareness in kids and young adults, about the health issues associated with smoking. The non-profit knows young people might be more prone to try tobacco and tries to get the word out before they light up for the first time.

Kids might be getting a mixed message from celebrities like Kate Hudson and Kate Beckinsale, who seem to promote a healthy lifestyle but are also avid smokers. From smoking hot, to smoking not! Seems like tobacco is still a big issue in. Ain't no "butts" about it!