These are your job’s unhealthy habits that could kill you

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DALLAS, TX - To die with your boots on!  Great concept for a movie, not so great for a job description.

The American Heart Association says people in certain jobs tend to have less healthy habits than others.  Doctors collected data from more than 5,500 people aged 45 and older. Enough to let us know all about the things we do wrong.

If you work in transportation, scientists say you probably smoke just as much as your vehicle's exhaust. Food service workers tend to eat poorly.  I'll skip that restaurant, thanks.  Sales and office employees sit on their butts most of the day and deal with the worst kind of customers… us. And this is great for our safety, nine out of ten police, firefighters and security guards are overweight or obese.

It looks like the healthiest kids on the block are managers and those highly educated professionals. But working conditions can also be a drag.  Think about it: long shifts, loud noise, poor air quality, stress and exposure to toxic substances… you gotta love your healthy managers!

So, now you know: you can either work your unhealthy job, take the money and run, or just run because it's healthier.