Uber Driver Goes The Extra Mile As An Uber Mama

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Fairfield, CT - Hey kids, need mom to take you somewhere?

Don't bug her, call your Uber mama instead.

That's right. Dial up 'Mama P."

She's an Uber driver extraordinaire!

"She's a second mom," one of her customers declared. "She's a second mom we never had."

This single mom has taken Uber service to a whole new level for her college student customers.

"Whether it be...make them a home cooked meal, do their laundry, get them to the doctor," Mama P confided. She's even hemmed guys' pants before school dances.

Hey, she's not just a mom, she's an Uber mom!

Of course, Mama P is a real mom, so she naturally acts like one. "Cause you're gonna stay in...and study?" Mama P questioned some regulars. "Yah," they obediently responded.

Who needs a therapist with this lady around?

"I'm like, you can tell her more than you would tell your mom, I think," one of her customers shared. "Which is nice cause it's kind of like a friend, too."

Mama P doesn't miss a beat. "And I listen, and I counsel them as best I can."

Everyone agrees, this Uber mom is making an Uber difference.

"It's like the most rewarding thing I can honestly say I've ever done," Mama P admits. "Other than being a mom to my real children."

Just remember, Mama knows best!