Dairy Queen in Kemah posts signs some people claim are racist

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KEMAH, TX -  Dairy Queen is known to cool people off during warm weather. But signs in and around A Texas DQ in Kemah are doing the opposite, by firing some folks up. Drivers are greeted by an ominous looking sign as soon as they pull into the front parking lot. When you walk in you'll see more posters hung by the restaurant owner, filled with more symbols and imagery. Some say the signs seem to be anti-Hinduism. Store owner Mohammad Dar, who claims he is a Muslim, spoke to us over the phone and said he does in fact have problems with Hinduism. Dar says, "Hinduism is based on racism. And that is the source of racism today in humanity."

A frequent visitor to the Dairy Queen (and friend of the owner) describes the effect the signs have on patrons. Chris Bond says,"There are certain customers that do get offended but they never take the time to actually look through the information to understand the whole situation."

Actually, it seems like many customers skip the signs completely and just order ice cream. But Hindus of Greater Houston are not laughing. The group states, "While Mr. Dar has a First Amendment right to say what he wants at his own place of business, we find it disappointing that he chooses to malign Hinduism.'

Dairy Queen corporate says that while most DQ's are independently owner and operated, they add, "We support and welcome all customers. The unfortunate actions of this individual franchisee are not representative of our iconic family brand."

With the signs in full display at this DQ location, we'll have to see if these statements freeze future fans.


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  • mikes

    So its ok for a muslim to publically malign another religion with no protests. What do you think would happen if another business owner in any part of the country would malign islam?
    The epitomy of hypocracy!

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